The RENTAL MANAGEMENT is to be responsible for the search for tenants who, thanks to the many weekly, monthly publications to which we subscribe, our website (https://www.castelimmobilier.com), our window displays, consult us every day to find accommodation that meets their expectations. After selecting the goods to be presented to them, our MANAGEMENT department carries out the visits of these goods, constitutes the application file and collects the various documents necessary for the study of the file.

Once his file is created, we study the creditworthiness of the tenant to know if his income is sufficient to allow the payment of rents, charges and accessories and the setting up of either:
- the UNPAID RENT GUARANTEE (GLI), if the owner of the dwelling benefits from this insurance (included in our MANAGEMENT MANDATES),
- the COLLECTION OF UNPAID RENT (RLI) which, in the event of the presence of a Creditworthy Guarantor (joint or bank guarantor) covers all procedural costs and damages.

Generally, the RENTAL MANAGEMENT by Castelsarrasin Immobilier
- It is the assurance of having its assets managed in compliance with all applicable legal provisions;
- It is the assurance of receiving before the end of the current month all the sums due to him by his tenants;
- It is the assurance of having an interlocutor who is able to answer questions about real estate law;
- It is the assurance that the administration of his property is carried out with the care of his tranquillity;
- It is to know that his legitimate interests are defended and that, in the event of problems, his administrator has the necessary knowledge and legal and technical means to resolve them.

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